Nadja is warm and welcoming. Her classes can be challenging, but she teaches students to practice yoga with integrity-to listen carefully to their own body and to respect where they are and what they need without judgement.

Her knowledge and understanding of yoga postures and philosophy is extensive. She incorporates the underlying concepts of yoga into her teaching, helping her students develop their body’s relationship with each asana and to begin to open their heart and mind with their practice.

Nadja begins each class by asking students how they are and what they need. She can create a class to meet those needs on the spot. She effortlessly incorporates mindfulness into her teaching in every class, whether it be her candlelight vinyasa or yin. She gets to know her students and gently challenges them to extend their practice.

Nadja has helped me use props and modifications while healing from a knee injury. I have seen her balance the range of ability and experience of a class to help beginners, challenge advanced students and safely support a pregnant woman right up to her delivery.

Last, but most definitely not least are her yin classes. I have been taking Nadja’s yin class twice a week at East West Yoga for a year and a half and they are my favorite. She teaches pranayama and creates guided meditations for her classes. Both are deeply relaxing. Nadja takes time to do gentle adjustments on each student during class. She teaches us the difference between pain, which indicates you need to modify the pose to fit your body, and discomfort, which you can learn to get through by focusing your attention on your breath. This teaching has not only extended my yoga practice, but has helped me be more patient and resilient in my life outside the studio.