I have been practicing yoga for many years, on and off, here and there, After my first class with Nadja 6 months ago, I could tell immediately that I like it, Nadja don’t push you hard on the pose, but her instruction is so clear, and with options of many alternatives, you can literally see your improvement day after day. Every class Nadja has a different focus, that is how unique her class is. We can tell her what we want to do in the beginning of the class, whether we want to sweat or not ;), no kidding, we can tell her everything we want, that is how relax the environment can be. We practice on our core, lower back, stretch, and balance, etc. Nadja explains each move and the reason behind, I felt comfortable yet challenged. Sitting in the office for long hours daily, my blood circulation in the lower half body isn’t working very well. After these couple months of class with Nadja, I personally felt that my legs are gaining some strength back. I am very excited about the improvement, and looking forward to her class every Tuesday and Thursday, even though that means I have to reschedule my appointments and meetings. Come and join us, I am sure you will love her class too.